Pastoral Counseling




In the rush and noise of life, as you have intervals, step within yourself and be still.

William Penn

About Us

Ann LaRocque, LCMHC, is a licensed therapist in Vermont. She has worked in pastoral ministry and pastoral counseling, hospital and hospice chaplaincy, and as a mental health clinician serving those who struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma related issues, grief and loss.  She holds a masters and an advanced study degree in pastoral counseling from Loyola College in Maryland, and a masters in theology.

Types of counseling available:



For those who are:

•  seeking personal growth and a healthier sense of self

•  experiencing difficulty in relationships, careers, and physical well being

•  struggling with matters of faith

•  seeking new directions in life  

Grief and Loss

For those who have:

•  lost a loved one through death

•  experienced major losses in their careers, relationships, or home life


 For those who have experienced: 
•  physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal trauma        

Modalities Used:

Client centered therapy                                     Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Insight oriented therapy                                    Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
EMDR                                                                   Body focused therapy
Neurofeedback                                                    Existential therapy
Internal Family Systems                                     Pastoral counseling