Woodstock Center
      for Spirituality
      and Psychotherapy


In the rush and noise

 of life, 

as you have intervals,

 step within yourself 

and be still.

William Penn

Ann LaRocque, LCMHC, is a licensed therapist in Vermont. She has worked in pastoral ministry and pastoral counseling, hospital and hospice chaplaincy, and as a mental health clinician serving those who struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma related issues, grief and loss.  She holds a Masters and an advanced study degree in pastoral counseling from Loyola College in Maryland, and a masters in theology. 

She also is a spiritual director trained in the tradition of the Ignatian Exercises based on the teachings and methods of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  The Ignatian Exercises focus on spirituality experienced in everyday life. 

Types of therapy available:


For those who are:

•  seeking personal growth and a healthier sense of self

•  struggling with matters of faith

•  seeking new directions in life  

Grief and Loss

For those who have:

•  lost a loved one through death

•  experienced major losses in their careers, relationships, or home life



  For those who have experienced: 
•  physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal trauma 
•  clergy abuse or abuse from those in fiduciary roles
Modalities Used:

Client centered therapy                           Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Insight oriented therapy                           Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
EMDR                                                      Body focused therapy
Neurofeedback                                         Existential therapy
Internal Family Systems                           Pastoral psychotherapy